Return & Cancellation

Milaans believe in complete customer satisfaction and will assist us as much as possible by providing clear unpacking videos for your complete satisfaction and speedy resolution.

While our competitors only accept returns in case of manufacturing defects, we take our product back even if you just don't like it. But also note that handloom sarees do have little imperfections unlike machine made sarees which all look exactly the same. But these imperfections is what proves its authenticity and the beauty of craftsmanship lies in the uniqueness of each product which is entirely hand made by the artisans.

Note: Please follow the guidelines to avoid this kind of scenarios:

· As a proof, you would need to share with us videos of unpacking. Please make sure video starts with focus on invoice with tracking details, over packaging such that order details are clearly visible, followed by unpacking to display the product in full also the all edges of the return parcel should be visible (front/back) in the video. We would not be able to process requests with images shared as proof. It’s like an artist who cannot paint the same picture in exactly the same way every time as it is not humanly possible. Please bear this in mind before deciding to return our products. Also we do not enhance our product images. We shoot all our products in natural light but due to your device screen resolutions the products may look different from one device to another leading to slight differences in colour and brightness. 


For more details about the return policy please read below:

Can I return the product if I don’t like it?

Yes of course. With our unique No-Questions-Asked Policy (which not many clothing brands provide) if you don't like our product, you can return it and get refund when we receive the parcel back exact condition at our warehouse but reverse shipping charges will deduct from your payment as low as Rs. 250.00 (Two Hundred Fifty Only).

What are the conditions of return? 

You can return the product if you don’t like it and get a refund if you are based in India. We refund only the product price after deduct a fixed amount of Rs. 250 per product will be deducted towards processing fees including reverse shipping charges. Return not applicable in case of contest or offer prizes.

Can I exchange the product with another product? 

Yes we can provide exchange on the product with another product of your choice (provided it is available in our stock). We will reserve your desired product only when we receive the parcel back at our destination. If the desired product gets sold out by that time then you might have to choose another product. Please note exchange can be done ONLY ONCE. More than one exchanges on same order are NOT permitted. A fee of Rs. 250 per product will be deducted or has to be paid by customer towards processing fees.

Can I return/exchange my order partially? For eg. If I don't like one product out of the 3 products I purchased, can I return/exchange just one? 

Yes. Partial returns/exchanges are accepted. Only the price of that one product will be adjusted excluding a fixed amount of Rs. 250 per product towards processing fees.


What is the step-by-step return process?
• Once you receive the saree, if you don’t like it please do not remove any of the tags attached to the saree. Submit request for return/exchange within 24 hours of receiving the order. Returns are NOT accepted after 24 hours from the time of delivery. For instant approval please make a chat. 

• We will consider your request and a ’Return Approved’ email will be sent to you. Kindly do not dispatch the products before receiving a "Return Approved” Confirmation email from us, we will not be able to process such requests. We will not accept returns if the product is directly sent to us without our confirmation. Please keep all tags, contents of the package (including free gifts, if any) intact as received. We do not accept the product back if the tag is detached or if anything is missing from the original parcel. 
• We will arrange for Return Pickup within 48 hours and you will be informed about the same via the ‘Return Approved’ email we send. You need to ensure that you are available when the delivery boy comes at your doorstep. The pickup time cannot be adjusted as per customer availability. If the delivery boy is not allowed by your security to enter your premises then you need to meet him outside the premises. Please co-ordinate with the delivery boy when he calls at your number.  

• We will make ONLY ONE attempt at pickup. If you miss the pickup or if your pincode does not have the return pickup facility then you need to send us the product back by any courier agent of your choice. The product should reach us within 10 days of sending the ’Return Approved’ email. Products received after 10 days will not be accepted. 

• Once the parcel is picked it takes at least 7-10 days to receive the parcel at our hub after which it goes through quality checks. We verify it's contents and tags. If it does not match our standards, then the same product will be shipped back (within India only) and no refund will be processed. If everything is intact we will process the refund by sending you a ‘Refund Confirmation’ email. Refunds are generally processed within 10 business days from the date of sending the ‘Refund Confirmation’ email. Refunds can be done either by Store Credit or Bank Transfer or Original Payment mode as chosen by you. A fixed amount of Rs. 250 per product will be deducted towards processing fees. 

• If you have chosen for exchange and the price of the new product is higher than the returned product than the difference needs to be paid by the customer. Instructions to pay will be sent to customer separately. But if the price of new product is lesser than the returned product than the difference will be refunded to the customer. A fee of Rs. 250 per product will be deducted or has to be paid by customer towards processing fees.

Apart from condition reserved herein above, the following products shall not be eligible for return, viz: 

• Any product that exhibits physical damage to the product by the customer. 
• Any product that is returned without all original packaging and tag (including free gifts, if any). 
• Any product that is altered, for example fall and edging done to the saree by customer or by us on customer's request.
• Any product that is used (and not just tried) or washed.  
• Any product that is not complete, for example saree that is returned without attached blouse (if specified in saree description).

I placed my order by mistake. Can I cancel it? How? 

You can cancel your order within 24 hrs of placing the order or before ship, by letting us know on chat with milaans or or you can cancel it yourself by logging into your account before ship. No cancellations on sarees with 'Fall & Edging' Requests.


Please note Gift Cards cannot be cashed out, cancelled, refunded or transferred. Products purchased without Gift Cards can be exchanged only.