About Us

Milaans is the first E-commerce plaform with the community of homebase independent Bengal Weavers to putting their heart and soul into spreading love to the world through their own making products. Milaans all started when countless womens struggled to keep their families alive in the midst of hundreds of battles. Milaans is not just a platform to purchase a product but also make a relationship with those brilliant hands with the warmth of love. It was this warmth that Milaans thought should reach the entire world. 

This was a journey of uncertainty, challenges and struggle for Milaans, having no formal background in fashion or ecommerce per se. But, their passion kept them going and every obstacle became a learning point for them. Milaans now strongly committed them to go forward with absolute grit and resolve. The journey of Milaans is strongly rooted in honesty, respect for creativity and with love for humanity.

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